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Friday, 26 April 2013 00:00

Our suggestions

All around the holtel there are los of traditional restaurants. Some others instead that we also usually suggest, are just at a few minutes more longer walking. Some of them are more expensive than the others but all of them are good (we tasted them all).


Follonwing our list:

LA CAMPANA: in Vicolo della Campana. This seems to be the oldest restaurant in Rome. Good food and reasonable rate. Not to loose "Vegetables fried" and artichokes.

MEMMO: in Vicolo dei Soldati. Good food and reasonable rate

LAGANA': in Via dell'Orso. Very good for fish. Appetizers are really great but if you decide to have them, wait to decide what having after that.

SETTIMIO ALL'ARANCIO: In Via dell'Arancio. Good food and reasonable rate

LA MATRICIANELLA: in Via del Leone. Good food and reasonable rate

I DUE LADRONI: In Piazza Nicosia. Very good food but a bit more expensive than the others.

All the restaurants above are just fewminutes walking distance from the hotel.......


Not so closeby but anyway always close enough we suggest:

AL MORO: In VIcolo delle Bollette. Not to loose "Tagliolini al tartufo (truffle)" Very good food and of course a bit more expensive

LA ROSETTA: In Via della Rosetta. Vergy good food but expensive

DAL BOLOGNESE: In Piazza del Popolo. Very good but also expensive

PIPERNO: At Monte de' Cenci (jewish ghetto). Not to loose "artichokes". Very good food and only a bit more expensive

PIERULUIGI: In Piazza dei Ricci (lovely square). Very good food and just a bitmore expensive.

If tehn you wish to have dinner in TRASTEVERE, our suggestinoover there is:

CHECCO ER CARRETTIERE: In Via Benedetta. Good food and reasonable rates.

Last modified on Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:04
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